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Xiaobo An

Mr. Xiaobo An

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Xiaobo An, founded and has held the position of our chairman since the inception of our business. He became our director in February 2017 and our chief executive officer in May 2019. Before founding our company and the creation of the “Hexin” brand, Mr. An founded Beijing Zhongdashixing Business Co., Ltd, Hexindai Wealth Management Co., Ltd, Hexindai and Hexindai Financial Information (Beijing) Co., Ltd. He served as a credit approval manager in Huaxia Bank from 2004 to 2008 where his responsibilities included the supervision of credit card application review. Mr. An received a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Hebei University. He was awarded the “Outstanding Innovator of the Financial Industry in China” title by the prestigious Economy magazine and Huazun Prize panel in 2014.